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Mockup of The Camino is not just for walking by Danielle Aird

Join Canadian Author Danielle Aird on her adventures along the Camino         

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Since 1990, Danielle Aird has explored different areas of Spain, especially Andalucia. In 2018, she ventured on the Camino never suspecting she would become a Camino addict. Captivated by the history of Spain and of the Camino, in love with the tranquility along its path, the changing beauty of its nature, the stories of people she met from all walks of life, from countries far and wide, the Camino became her refuge from a hectic life.

Her palette of real-life characters and vignettes about Spain bring the Camino to life. Readers of all ages will be spurred to get into shape, don their backpack and head to the Pyrenees for a walk along the famous 740-kilometre trail.

The pandemic has hurt hundreds, perhaps thousands of people who for years have been helping pilgrims along the way, earning a humble living from their hard and sometimes thankless work. All proceeds from this book will be donated to the Canadian Company of Pilgrims' Fundraising Campaign, to be distributed to these wonderful men and women without whom there could be no Camino.

The Fishermen of Progreso by Danielle Aird
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The Camino is not just for Walking

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