The Camino is not just for Walking by Danielle Aird

Become a Pilgrim.

Find out what it's like to walk in Danielle's shoes as she journey's the Camino in her latest book, The Camino is not just for Walking: Pilgrims, hosts and ghosts along the way.

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When Danielle Aird went in search of stories along the Camino de Santiago, she found a wealth of history not only of the Camino but of a wider Spain, and came across a fascinating, motley collection of characters alive and departed (pilgrims, hosts, volunteers, and other Spaniards). Unexpectedly, along the way, she also revisited her own unconventional past. In The Camino is not just for Walking, while her narrative takes readers by the hand through the small villages and larger cities, they are joined by usually friendly, often inspiring and sometimes eccentric characters spanning a millennium.

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Danie looking out over a valley in Spain while walking on the Camino trail.
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Danielle, Chloe and friends along the Camino
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The Camino is not just for Walking

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